• Brookfield

      Community School



    Chair of Governors: Dr Justin Thacker

    Vice Chair of Governors: Professor Doug Cleaver


    The Governing Body is made up of individuals representing the following interests:

    Parent Governors

    Parent Governors are representative parents rather than parent representatives.  Parent Governors represent the views of other parents.  Whenever a vacancy arises for a Parent Governor, nominations are requested from all parents. Those wishing to stand are elected using a ballot with all parents eligible to cast votes.  Where the number of individuals wishing to stand for election is the same as or less than the number of vacancies, a ballot does not need to be held.  Parents Governors need to be aware of and represent the views and opinions of other parents remembering they, themselves, are entitled to their own views and opinions.

    Community/Co-opted Governors

    Community Governors—previously known as Co-opted Governors—may be nominated by any other Governor who believes they have specific skills or experiences that would be beneficial and complimentary to the Governing Body. Community Governors are recruited from local businesses, churches, and the community in general and may be explicitly put forward to represent minority interests.  When a vacancy for a Community Governor arises, any serving Governor can nominate an individual to fill the vacancy and the remainder of the Governing Body takes a vote on whether to appoint.

    Teacher Governors

    Teacher Governors are elected by the teaching staff to represent the viewpoint of those delivering the teaching.  They are elected using a ballot process with votes being cast by all teachers, although as with Parent Governors, the ballot process is only required if there are more nominations than vacancies.  Teacher Governors provide the Governing body with professional insights and expertise of the teaching body/staff.

    Support Staff Governors

    Appointed in the same way as Teacher Governors, Support Staff Governors represent all other staff who work for the school other than teachers.  They bring with them knowledge and experience of the issues facing the school and their roles.

    Headteacher Governor

    Headteachers can decide whether to be on the Governing Body or not.  Even if not formally on the Governing Body, they have full rights to attend any meeting.

    Composition of the Governing Body

    At Brookfield Community School, the Governing Body is made up as follows:-

    6              Parent Governors

    3              Staff Governors

    4              Community Governors

    3              Co-opted Governors

    1              Member appointed Governor

    1              Headteacher

    All Governors are appointed for a period of four years.

    The Governing Body elect a chair and vice-chair who normally serve for a period of one year although this can be for a period up to four years.

    Meetings of the Governing Body

    The full Governing Body meets twice each full school term unless any additional meetings are called. In addition to this, governors sit on committees and these meet at variable frequencies.


    Brookfield’s Governing Body has appointed a number of committees in an effort to spread the work load and facilitate decision making.  This network allows Governors to specialise and to develop their particular areas of interest.

    Some committees have the delegated responsibility to make decisions on behalf of the Governing Body. Others can only recommend that Governors accept any proposals that are made.

    All committees report to the full Governing Body at each ordinary meeting.

    The membership of committees is reviewed each year in the Autumn term. Separate groups of Governors consider:-

    • Finance and General Purpose
    • Curriculum and Standards
    • Pay and Personnel
    • Strategic
    • Students

    The Finance and Geeral Purpose Committee meets every month in order to achieve its basic function of monitoring the school budget: remaining groups meet as necessity dictates (and at the convenience of the members).

    The Governing Body also appoints individual Governors who are prepared to take on monitoring/supportive roles within specialist areas ie Sports College, Special Educational Needs, Health and Safety, Child Protection, Children in Care, Student Council, Anti-Bullying, Gifted and Talented, Equal Opportunities, ECO issues, Careers, Learning Community, KS2.KS3 transition, KS3-KS4 transition, Post-16 issues.

    Business and pecuniary interests 

    Governors complete a declration of Business and Pecuniary Interests form at the start of each academic year.  At the start of every meeting there is the requirement for governors to declare any business interests.  None of the Governors at Brookfield Community School have any business or pecuniary interests.


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