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This is likely to be the first major decision that our students will make in their education. Until now, the subjects that they have followed in school have been chosen for them. Along with choices made after Year 11, the options students choose now will have a significant impact on their future success and their options for further education and employment in the years to come. 

This booklet will hopefully make it easier to make the most appropriate choices to be made. Please take some time to read through the booklet carefully. 

The first section of this booklet contains important information about the options process and how the choices can be made. The second section gives information about each of the subjects that we offer. 

Students will have an individual interview in school before the option deadline date. 

If you have any questions regarding the option process please see Mrs Mason

The Option Process 

All students follow courses in:- 

  • English Language (GCSE) 
  • English Literature (GCSE) 
  • Mathematics (GCSE) 
  • Science (GCSE) 
  • Core PE 
  • Personal Development & Citizenship 
How Choices are Made 

Every student will have their own option form on which their final choices will be recorded. Students need to hand this in to their form tutor by Thursday 13th February. 

The option process gives the students the opportunity to choose particular courses that they wish to study in addition to their core subjects. 

All students will be able to make a range of different choices, however there will be particular selections of subjects that we feel are more appropriate for some individual students. These will be discussed with students during their Options Interviews. 

All students must choose either Geography or History, although they may select both. 

Once your form is handed in we will work to produce a timetable that matches every student's choices. This may not always be possible and so we ask that students also make a reserve choice. We cannot guarantee all students will be given their first choice subjects. Any students who are not given their first choice subjects will be spoken with by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Restrictions on Choices 

  • Students cannot choose GCSE Technology and WJEC Engineering Level 1/2 because both subjects relate to the same subject area 
  • Students cannot choose more than two vocational qualifications because of the workload involved with on-going assessment. 
Advice on Choosing Subjects 

Once choices have been handed in they become part of the student’s timetable ready for Y10 and are difficult to change later. We therefore encourage students to make positive, well-informed choices. 

Students should: 

  • Make choices that are right for them and not chose a subject because their friend(s) have chosen it
  • Consider subjects that will enable them to be successful. Consider their strengths and what they enjoy studying 
  • Become fully aware of the subject content and expectations 
  • Not make choices related to a teacher because they may not be taught by them in KS4 
  • Choose a broad range of subjects as students often change their minds about future careers
  • Talk to their form tutor, subject teachers and parents as much as possible to get all the information that they need.