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Exam Dates

Here are the key exam dates for the next academic year.

Internal Examinations

Year 11 (Mock 1) – Monday 2 November to Friday 13th November

Year 9 – Monday 4th January to Friday 8th January

Year 13 – Monday 11th January to Friday 22nd January

Year 11 (Mock 2) – Monday 22nd February to Friday 5th March

Year 10 – Monday 26th April to Friday 7th May

Year 7 – Monday 14th June to Friday 18th June

Year 12 – Monday 21st June to Friday 2nd July

Year 8 – Monday 28th June to Friday 2nd July

Summer 2021 Exam Dates

The arrangements for examinations and certification for 2021 have yet to be confirmed. We will update this page when we have confirmation from examination boards.